Rick,  your male Woodie arrived today—and it is gorgeous.  Really impressive work!
You are delivering a far more creative, interactive experience than I could have imagined. Very impressive!  Sending progress photos is a great idea.
Fred R

Falmouth, MA

My wife just opened the Looney Tunes and wow what a fine piece of art it is. We are both very happy. Thank you for all your work. It is truly beautiful!!! Thanks again and have a great New Year!!

Steve S.

Cave Creek, AZ

Dear Rick,
Just wanted to let you know I am delighted with your magnificent pintail drake smoothie!  It has an elegant and classic look, and now sits proudly on a display shelf at home, and is admired by the whole family!
It arrived safely and you’d wrapped and packed it so well, that I did not unwrap till I reached home from all the travel, hence this delay in writing.
I will be next eyeing a mallard drake
and hen, to add more of your artistic pieces to the display collection!
Best wishes,


Worth the wait
Keep it up.
How much for the pintail hen?
You got me
Rob G
Pleasonton, CA

He has landed safe and sound!
Absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait for my husband to see it, he loves your work and appreciates your craftsmanship. 
Be well, stay healthy and Happiest of Holidays to you and your family!
Thank you!!
Littleton, NH

Hi Rick! Yes, we just opened them this evening and have been admiring them ever since, looking for the perfect place in our house to display them. They are both stunning. The photos do not do them justice. 

Thank you for creating two beautiful pieces of art and for all of the updates during the entire process.

I will send you a photo when we have found a good spot for them to nest!!

Alissa & Greg B

Piqua, OH

Good afternoon Rick
I received Woody and the Redhead today and I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how pleased I am. 
These two fine creations are the latest examples of your expert craftsmanship.  It seems like some people are talented with wood and others are talented with the paintbrush.  But you have a rare combination of both skills which gives you the ability to make these highly detailed pieces of art come to life.
I will add these to my collection and I’m sure they will generate many conversations from our guests.
Thanks so much for creating these beauties for my family.
Greg S

Kansas City, MO

Hi Rick,
The pochard turned out great it is a very nice piece of art.  Your overall talent and attention to detail have turned out another truly great piece that I am proud to add to my collection.  It has a great home and I will love sharing it with friends and family over the years.
I've added some pics as well.  Thank you very much.
Mike S.

Phillips, WI

The wood duck is brilliant. My wife loves it too. Mind as colorful as it is, I prefer the mallard hen. That's incredible. Thanks!

I enjoy them every day. So does the wife. 

Paul H. R.

Eden, NC

The ducks just arrived and they are fantastic. 
My wife wasn't really interested when I first told her about getting some hand-carved ducks but she has really gotten interested as she has seen them develop. 
She was very excited to open the box with me this morning. 
You have done a wonderful job and I am very proud to display these guys in my home. 
Thanks so much Rick!

Greg S

Kansas City, MO


After a couple of days of issues with the post office, I finally have the package.  It arrived in perfect condition.  I absolutely love it!!  You did a wonderful job as it is better than I expected.  
I will be shipping it to its final home in North Carolina next week.  I will be sure to send pictures when it is finally settled.
Thank you again for your amazing work.  I am certain I will be in touch again.

Abby M.

Cleveland, OH

Hi Rick!
Happy New Year!  Just wanted to let you know my dad absolutely LOVES his Blue Bill!  He was so excited and said it may be his very favorite one.  I knew he would love it!  Thank you so so much!  You are so very talented.
Ann S.

Coto De Caza, CA

Rick, without a doubt, it was a major hit! He and I absolutely love it. Such detail, amazing workmanship. You will definitely be hearing from me again next year. 

Angel C. 

LIttleton , NH

Rick, The shoveler duck was delivered today safe and sound. It's very beautiful and a true work of art. I love the detail and my son is going to be ecstatic. Thank you very much. Your artwork will reside in our family for many generations to come.

Follow up after Christmas...

Hello Rick, He absolutely loved his shoveler. Its the best piece in his collection now.  It was his favorite of all gifts that he received this year. He said he was going to contact you when life slows down a little after the holidays and waterfowl season about doing that ruddy for him. Happy New year and thanks again. It was huge hit. 

Valetta L 

Orange, VA

Rick the birds arrived today in great shape – really like them .. Probably like the hen the most – u made her look sexy

Steve P, 

Arenzville, IL

Hi Rick,
I forgot to email you back and let you know I looked at the loon. It is beautiful. My husband is going to love it.

Follow up after Christmas...
Rick, he loves it. It has its own special spot just below the TV (where he said he did not want to put anything). I am sure I will be buying from you again.
Grace H. 
Anchorage, AK

Rick,  I received the wood duck and it is truly a wonderful piece.  Nice work!  I especially like the detailing of the feathers and your painting is excellent. 

Thank you so much!

Tony B

Avon, CT

My pintail drake arrived safely, and he is at home in my living room!
He's very beautiful.
Thank you! You do beautiful work!

Kathleen N

East Rockaway, NY

Hi Rick - What a beautiful, amazing little duck - it's just beautiful!  I've never seen more precise work.  I'm very impressed!

Thank you for sending it so quickly.  It flew here fast!

Linda H 


They are amazing! This is beyond my wildest imagination/dreams. You have outdone yourself. These are amazing works of art. They will LOVE them. This will be the BEST gift ever....it can never be outdone. I don't know what else I can say but, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Best regards ALWAYS...CHEERS.
Richard P.

Traverse City, MI

While putting the Goose head away I noticed it was much nicer than I thought …just wanted to let you know! Happy carving …Peppa

 Stephen R. P
Chicago, IL

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to touch base to see how your husband liked his green-winged teal.

Thanks again for your interest in my work.

Rick Mignano

He loves it! It was a great surprise. Thanks again.

Amy R

Savannah, GA

Hi Rick!
I just wanted to let you know that my dad LOVES his Ruddy Duck!  He was so excited when he saw how beautiful it was!
Thanks again so so much for everything!  I'm so happy all worked out after all our efforts.  Happy New Year to you and your family!

Thanks again so very much,
Ann S

Coto De Caza, CA

I think the Christmas goose is magnificent!
Can't wait for John to see it!
Cheers to you,
Rebecca C

Baton Rouge, LA

Christmas was a major hit in my house this year for my husband...all he could say was absolutely amazing! Thank you again and hope to work with you again next year. Happy New Year to you and yours.
Best Regards, 

He's gorgeous and I love him!

Thank you so much! He's perfect!

You outdid yourself! He's beautiful!

Cheri M 

Rochester Hills, MI

Rick, wanted to let you know that the package arrived safe and sound. I waited until Regina got home to open it as we wanted this to be our Christmas gift to each other. The teal is everything we hoped it would be and more. It is truly a work of art that you should be proud of. As you said, it looks better in the flesh than in a photo. And thank you for the mug and the nice letter enclosed with the teal. I think the letter would be great framed and kept with the teal to explain how it came to be. We couldn't be more delighted, so thank you so very much.
Sadly, we put him back in the box where he will need to stay until Christmas, after which he will have a place of honor in our living room. 

Mike and Regina
Dundee, OR

I received the beauty today! It's for my husband's Christmas gift. He is going to be in AWE over this duck. I'm sure you will be hearing from me again in the near future. Your work is amazing!! 

Angel C
LIttleton, NH

Hi Rick-
I got it on Tuesday and it is gorgeous... even better in person! Thank you very much- you have a great talent!!

Thanks again!
Danielle W.
Nowell, MA

Response from a moving company that had me replace 2 ducks that were lost in a move. 

Thank you & She loved them!
We delivered them to her yesterday and she said they were beautiful and was so happy we were able to have you make them.
They were her late husbands and he loved the ones that were lost so she was happy to have them back and on display to remind her of him.

 Thank you again!
Vanessa F.
Claims Specialist 
Denver Co.

Hi Rick!  Buffy is home now and arrived safe and sound!  He is so beautiful and I love him so much and so will my Dad!  The iridescent purple and green colors on his head are gorgeous!  Thank you so so much for him! 

Ann S.
Coto De Caza, CA

Hi Rick,
I wanted to let you know that my husband really loved your duck. He thought the details to the feathers and the bill were incredible. He appreciated the write-up & the pics submitted as you were working on the bird.
Thank you for this great gift and how much all you have done is appreciated. It was a success.
I will put my thoughts together and see what the next item will be :-)

Marietta J. 
New Orleans, LA

Hi Rick. This morning my wife surprised me and gave me the greenwing that she purchased from you. Just wanted to say thanks and your work/attention to detail is superb. It will look great on my shelf with my small but growing collection of hand-carved birds.........and I must say, for only your 80th duck I am mega jealous. I have just started (an attempt) at carving myself and I already know I don't have the patience or time to make anything as intricate as this. Kudos, keep up the excellent work.

Andy J.
New Orleans, LA

Hi Rick!  Just wanted to let you know our loon is home!  Wow, that was fast!  He is just so beautiful and perfect in every way!  The iridescent green head with his striking eyes and open mouth is amazing looking!  Dad is going to absolutely love him!  Thank you so much for him and for the great letter and mug you enclosed.  The letter is so informative and dad will enjoy reading it.  
Thanks again so much for everything!
Ann S.

The decoys are breathtaking. Even better than the pictures.
The kids love them and will be treasured. The letter to them was amazing.

Rick P
Woodstock, GA

Received your carved duck in perfect condition. 
My wife is very happy with it.

Mike B
Manchester, NH

Thanks, Rick, I just love it!

It is beautiful Rick-Thank you!

John and Ann H

Oconomowoc, Wi

The package was just delivered and they arrived safely. I have to admit these two are more beautiful than the pictures!  
Here is their new home. 
Thank you for all your patience.  I love the pair, they were a great addition.

BTW...love the coffee mug!! Perfect 
Thank you so much

Carolyn D

Brecksville, OH

The New Year began with the unveiling of your beautiful carving of the Mallard Drake. We are all in awe of the fine detail & perfect coloration! My son, John, is a  “man of few words “  typically.
He was so excited & was pointing out to me the beauty of your art! He has told me repeatedly how he loved it. So all is well, just took a while for the perfect time for the presentation. We rang in the new year with a duck dinner & could not have been a better time for the “ opening of the gift”!

Many thanks

Baton Rouge, LA

Hi Rick,
The Wood Duck pair arrived safely today and are sitting on my desk watching me
email you. They are MAGNIFICENT!!
Thanks again for a beautiful job!!
Your friend,
Dallas, TX

Hi Rick, hope you had a great Christmas! Barry loves the shoveler!!

He was so happy to have a gift handmade, with such care, he really appreciates your art. You really are wonderful, I’m sure we will be in touch again, next a Drake Pintail is on his list haha

Thanks again, Jodi B

MIddletown, PA

Happy New Year to you!   
Of course, Skip (and I) LOVED the calling Loon and little Mallards chicks. 😍
Now, we will wait for papa Mallard to complete the family...as soon as we get more display area configured. 😉  
All the best,

It looks great!  Saving room next to the shoveler drake for next years!

George W.

Bethel Park, PA

Hi Rick, I love the Pintail. He looks amazing. Everything I was hoping for. He already has a place of prominence on my desk. Thanks so much. Looking forward to more birds in the future.

Mark B.

Santa Cruz, CA

He's a beautiful duck! The detail that went into him is amazing!!

Thank you again.

Bill B. Port Richey, FL

It is gorgeous… meets all my expectations!

Rebecca C.

Baton Rouge, LA

Rick he looks so beautiful,

He was well worth the money!

I didn’t even see the mug, finally found it thank you so much.

I read the letter you sent and I’m gonna save it and put it away. Someday I will give my two boys each a duck when I pass on and they will have the letter to go with it. Thank you again so much.

Bill B

Port Richey, FL.

What a big hit!  He’s awesome !

Charles B.

Essex, CT

He made it safely home. Thank you again. I put him with some of my other wooden birds. Looks like it’s time for a new shelf.

Paul B

Alexandria, LA

She's a beauty. Nice work!

Skip K

St. Paul MN

I didn't expect it till mid-week.  He's just beautiful!!   Now to find the perfect place for him.
Love the mug too.
Thank You so Much.
Terry  S. 😊
LaCrescenta, CA

Oh my Rick…..I love the hen!!  I might need all pairs!!!😂😂👍👍👍👍👍. Absolutely awesome detail!!!! It is one of my favorites!  Thank you

Ray L

Bourbonaise, IL

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Perfection.

Anne and Sean Mc

Palatine, IL

Kevin just opened the box and was surprised and delighted. He had no idea. The woody is absolutely beautiful! We love it! I'm now in search of a nice platform to show him off. And thank you for the nice note and the mug. Very nice touch! Couldn't wait for Christmas!!

Nancy F.

Denver, CO

You make this fun Rick…I really appreciate our friendship and the fun we have with each masterpiece. The king looks worthy of his name!!!  Thank you!!

Ray L

Bourbonaise, IL

Just got the birds! WOW! Outstanding work Rick! Thank you!

Randy C.

Battle Creek, MI

Mrs Mallard has landed!  The most anticipated FedEx delivery ever, for me, at least.  The most glowing endorsement is that Rita has placed her on a shelf, and has spent several minutes kneeling on the floor just looking at her.  I’ll agree, she’s a beautiful bird!
Thanks for your work on this.  It’ll be treasured.
Dave and Rita 
Cheyenne, WY

She looks great Rick!  Thank you for another masterful carving!!!

Fred R

Wellesley, MA

Rick, Thank you for carving my cardinal. I was so surprised and for a change speechless!


Barrington, IL

Rick! They are gorgeous and I've been inviting my kids and grandkids over for viewings!!
I'll send you a photo of them at my house but they will end up at our lake house. 

What I plan to do is start a collection and order another pair early next year! What would you suggest?
Thanks for your beautiful work, you have an amazing talent!!
Your friend,
Dallas, TX

Happy owner!!

Andrew S

New York, NY

Looks sweet! Probably order another in a few months. Nice!

Skip K.

Avon, CO

He is so cute.   I absolutely love him....

You actually got it perfectly.  99% of the time you see one it looks like a black and white duck.  The light had to be just right to see the colors.   My bufflehead does exactly that!

This has been so much fun!

Harlan C. 

Highlands Ranch, CO

Good Morning Rick.

Woodie arrived safely this morning and he’s beautiful. Thanks too for your note and the mug. Haven’t decided for sure where he will “live”. Will send you a photo when he gets settled.  Thanks again for this wonderful creation. Your skills and talent are amazing. Best wishes always, Al

Al R

Turner GA


We just opened the duck...wow!!!  We love the detail...he is a beautiful little guy!!  Thanks so much!👍

Ray L

Bourbonaise, IL

Rick,  As expected, she was a BIG hit! The picture with my husband holding her isn't very good but he wouldn't hold still with her...lol... he just kept turning her and checking her out. She is sitting comfortably on the mantel with her new extended family ❤ Thank you again for making my Christmas shopping for my husband so easy and for making his Christmas! Wishing you all the best in the new year! Stay safe and healthy!

Angel C. 

Littleton, NH

That little bird arrived safely. Yes, my husband loved it.  He held that little bird for thirty minutes just staring at it and looking at it.

It was a most beautiful sight to see on his face I will never forget. Thank you so very much. Yes, that little bird was the best hit for Christmas. I think you know our thoughts   Thank you again for making our Christmas special

Betty G

Wakefield, KS

Hi Rick. 

The ducklings were the highlight of Christmas morning.   I presented the gift to the whole family and they all opened the box and each unwrapped a duckling. 

 All were surprised and so impressed with your work.  They are right at home with the Mallard and Hen.  We saw in your letter that you have not spent too much time working on ducklings but based on what you did for us it looks as if they have been part of your work for many years. They are perfect.  Thank you so much for doing this for us and helping me make Christmas so special this year.  You are like Santa Claus himself.

Katie W. 

Knoxville, TN

She has arrived safe and sound!! She is absolutely stunning!! I can't thank you enough for another one of your spectacular creations. My husband will be thrilled! 
Happy Holidays!
Angel C.

Littleton, NH

She is incredible.  We honestly cannot believe how beautiful and lifelike she is in person.  Many, many thanks.

Craig & Katie W

Knoxville, TN

So unbelievable.  Exceeded our expectations.  Thank you so much!

Thank you again!  It is even more beautiful than I could have imagined.  You are so very talented.

Katie W. 

Knoxville, TN

Hope you are well! I know this pic is long overdue! Here are the pics of my ducks, they have a good home! Your ducks are absolutely stunning! I love looking at them. 

Carolyn D, 

Cleveland, OH

What a duck!!!  It’s awesome… as I figured it’s much better in person.  I think my wife has sent a check already or is sending it today for my drake redhead.  Thank you so much!!
Ray L

Bourbonnais, IL

Very, very nice work, she's so pretty and soft. I really love her. Am tempted to get a same size male top to go with her.

Mary F.

Falmouth, MA


These past couple of hours, (as I waited for the postman to deliver these 2 beautiful birds), were a "long wait"..... But well worth it! They are exactly as you said and there is no amount of $ that I could sell a carving like these ..... THANK YOU! I will look forward to enjoying these throughout the future! Thank you again Rick! Cary

Cary S. 

Spokane, Wa

YES, he arrived yesterday and I just got to unpack him. He is absolutely stunning and exceeds my expectations of what he would look like in hand. Such amazing detail! I can't stop looking him over and his eyes are so real looking it's almost spooky..lol. Thank you so very much and as always an absolute pleasure working with you and God willing, you will hear from me again next year!


LIttleton, NH

Hi Rick,
Came last night and looks great.  You are very talented my friend.  Nice job packing as well.  Sent a few pics to you as well via phone message.
Thanks again
Mike S.

Aurora, CO


I picked up my new carving at the post office yesterday afternoon.
Unwrapping it I felt like a kid on Xmas morning.
What a beautiful work of art!
I will certainly display it in a prominent location in my home.
Thank you for the cover letter and photos illustrating the process involved in creating this art form.
Please keep me informed by email of your latest creations.
Ralph S. 

Orleans, MA

She just arrived!  You were so right, she is even more beautiful in person! 
I live right on Lake Erie so my ducks really fit in!  Thank you so much! 
Carolyn D.

Cleveland, OH

He was packaged up great and when I saw him, let me just say pictures do not do your work justice. The pictures you post are great but to see and hold in person is like night and day. He is magnificent and I understand why he is one of your favorites. Trust he is in a good home. Thank you!

Post-Christmas follow up...
He was extremely well received and now resides on the mantel over the fireplace next to the Blue-winged teal drake I purchased last Christmas. My husband is extremely impressed with your work and amount of detail you have put into your beautiful ducks. Thank you!, you make Christmas a lot easier for me.

Angel C.

Littleton, NH

Picked up the duck from the post office. It is wonderful. Your work is amazing. Thank you.

Post-Christmas follow up...My son loved the duck.

Ann M. 

Midland, TX

Rick, I have been at a loss for words to try and explain how beautiful these priceless pieces of art are. You have outdone yourself again.  

Rick P.

Traverse City, MI

Rick, I wanted you to know that the present was opened today and my Rick was amazed by your carving!  He has a case where he keeps any of the ducks he has purchased or received and there was one spot left that this one was to fill.  He told me that this one was too good to be put in the display where very few people see it!  Not sure if he will put it in his office at work or at home but either place will give it a lot more exposure for other friends/people to see it and allow Rick to enjoy it more.

You hit a home run, Rick and made a beautiful gift for me to give a great son who is courageous and brave.  I do appreciate that immensely.  Thank you again!

Connie L 

Omaha, NE

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