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The wooden Bird duck decoys hand carved and painted. The Wooden Bird hand carved decorative ducks and waterfowl

The Wooden Bird

Rick Mignano

102 Ravine Lane Barrington IL 60010 us


Phone:     +1.847-530-0024

E-mail: info@thewoodenbird.com

​​​​​The Wooden Bird

Hand Carved Ducks and Waterfowl by Rick MIgnano

​ Wooden Bird Duck Decoys Hand Carved And Painted  Duck decoys, duck art, wooden decoys, hunting gifts, mallard, woodduck, merganser, canvasback, goose, pintail, scaup, award winning duck carvings

 Realistic hand carved duck decoys for sale mallard, merganser, wood dck, ruddy duck decoys

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