Redhead Drake for a commission. The client requested that the bird be wood burned only, not painted. Used the burning to emulate the coloring and vermiculations

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Mallard Hen Start to finish 2017 at ODCCA Best mallard and 2nd best marsh duck

On the bench

Redhead Hen part of a commissioned pair. The bird is completely wood burned with texturing to represent the lighter feathers, not painted. Finally, the finished pair that will be sent to our client. 

Pintail drake full detail carved, textured burned and painted with acrylics on tupelo.  

Common Goldeneye Drake Started April 2, 2017

Mallard Drake started 8/1 At ODCCA 2nd best mallard 3rd best marsh duck

The Wooden Bird © 2018

Relaxed Pintail Drake. Carved, textured woodburned. Acrylics on basswood. 

A Ring Necked Drake I started on 2/27

Completed 3/20/16

Mallard hen with 3 ducklings. Commission work. Wood Burned Only

Working on a resting fluffy Wood Duck Drake Started 5/21/2016

​Hand Carved Waterfowl by Rick Mignano

12/2018 Current project Hooded Merganser Alert.

 Carved, textured woodburned. Acrylics on Tupelo. 

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Commissioned mallard hen, completely wood burned to replicate the awesome natural markings. A great way to represent a hen.  Started early May 2017 completed June 18.

Mallard hen preener. Raised wing. Carved, textured woodburned. Acrylics on basswood. Commission piece.

​​The Wooden Bird

​ Wooden Bird Duck Decoys Hand Carved And Painted  Duck decoys, duck art, wooden decoys, hunting gifts, mallard, woodduck, merganser, canvasback, goose, pintail, scaup

 Realistic hand carved duck decoys for sale mallard, merganser, wood dck, ruddy duck decoys

Red Breasted Merganser finished 12/4/16

Current and recent projects. Watch the process, which typically takes 40-75 hours of work.  

It starts with a block of wood. The duck shape begins to come out of the wood, with a lot of sawdust in the process. 

Feathers are drawn on and then carved with a micro motor tool or dremel. These are a lot like a dentists drill. Then texture of the feathers is added with a grinding bit or wood burning. Finally the bird is painted, typically with 5-7 layers of semi translucent acrylic paint. 

Black duck drake sleeper. Commission work. Acrylics on Tupelo. January 2018