​The Wooden Bird hand carved decorative ducks and waterfowl

The wooden bird hand carved duck decoys and waterfowl

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Holiday Idea!! Duck gift certificates -  Need to find a "Forever Gift" gift for your special person? My hand carved waterfowl have made many recipients stand up and take notice. Check out our reviews and feedback!.   We have a very limited number of ducks available in our Duck Shop but don't worry, I am accepting commissions for 2024. Get some ideas of what you like in the gallery.  Send me a note from the contact page and we can work out your bird and the price that fits your budget.  I'll send you a "stocking stuffer coffee mug" confirming certificate with a picture of the species and a little blurbage on the process.

While you're waiting for your custom duck, I'll send you updates on what's on the bench. When I start on your bird you will receive regular texts/emails with pictures of the process of creating your bird. 

Feb, 2024  Honored to be included in this year's

Wildfowl Carving Magazine Competition issue.

Awarded 1st place in the advanced category.

Labrador Quarterly article on Rick and his birds.

Nice article written about Rick and the birds in Labrador Quarterly Magazine Winter 2023.

Ever wanted to carve a bird but didn't know how to get started?

Here is my free guide to the stuff you can use to make it happen. Check it out.

August 2023 - Wisconsin Waterfowl Association Show 8/26/23 The birds earned several ribbons at this show and competition; Wigeon -best in species, cinnamon teal 3rd in teals, Ringneck- best in species and best diver, Red Breasted Merganser 2nd best in species.

September 2022 - Wildfowl Carving Championship

Won second and third place in the Decorative Decoy IWCA Division with a

King Eider and Mallard Hen

July 27, 2019 WWA Wisconsin Waterfowl Association show in Richfield Wisconsin. 

The birds were very successful scoring 14 ribbons and best of show in the Amateur class.  The specifics were Common Loon Best of species, Best Confidence, Best of show, Pintail hen Best of species, Best Puddle Duck, Red Breasted Merganser Drake,  Best of species, Best Sea Duck,  Red Breasted Merganser Hen 2nd Best of species, 2nd Best Sea Duck, Canvasback Hen Best of species, Blue Winged Tea,l Best of species. 3rd Best Puddle Duck,  Hooded Merganser, Best of species and 2nd Best Diver. 

March 8-10, 2019 ODCCA Ohio Duck Carving and Collecting show in Strongsville (Cleveland) Oh. Happy to report we earned 7 RIbbons including Loon; Best Loon, Best Confidence, goose or sea duck and Best of Show! Hooded Merganser; Best Hooded Merganser, Best Diver and 3rd Best of Show,  Northern Shoveler, Best Shoveler. The Shoveler and Hoodie are available in the Duck Shop

4-27-29/2018 We competed in the Ward World Championships at Ocean City Maryland. Happy to report we won second best of species for our black duck sleeper and common goldeneye and third best of species for our canvasback hen and red-breasted merganser drake.

3/18 Happy to say my ducks were honored with 6 ribbons at the Ohio show. Mallard hen won best mallard and second-best marsh duck, Mallard drake won 2nd best mallard and 3rd best marsh duck. Canvasback hen won 2nd best canvasback and 3rd best diver duck!! 


4/22-24 Vist to the Ward World Championships in Ocean City ,MD. Amazing work pictured on the Bird Blog page and our FaceBook Page. 

3/6 Want to try your hand at carving ducks? Some books and startup ideas on the on the Bird Blog

3/3 New how to carve ducks You Tube video on the on the Bird Blog page.

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​​​​​The Wooden Bird

Hand Carved Ducks and Waterfowl by Rick MIgnano

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